Six tactile children’s books


For the past two years I have been collaborating with braille teachers and their young pupils in the Netherlands to design and produce a completely new series of children’s tactile books. The series, known as ‘voeljeleesboek’ (literally translated as ‘feel your reading book’, a follow on from touch and feel books for preschool children) aims to stimulate braille literacy amongst primary school children between the ages of 5 to 9 years.

Tactile Books 2

The making of …

Before I started working on this project I knew that it would, in every aspect, be a truly unique project; both exciting and challenging. For this reason I decided to document the whole process; from design sketches, prototypes and testing, right through to production. All the stories have been written by the teachers and the entire production has taken place, for the first time ever, in the Netherlands. As I write the last two titles are still in production. Once the whole series is complete I will publish a full account of the ‘making of’. 

To realize this project I have been working closely with the Visio School in Rotterdam and Dedicon.

Tactile Books 3

This book is about a little boy and his dog and includes a bespoke hand puppet and a 3D model of a dog. 


Ann M. Conefrey
Ann M. Conefrey

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