Tactile Christmas stickers


Six colourful tactile Christmas stickers in braille and print with embossed illustrations. Young and old can enjoy using these stickers on Christmas cards or to decorate presents.

Christmas Stickers 02

With these stickers you can make your own Christmas cards or you can stick them onto printed cards.

Christmas cheer for everyone

As with my other stickers, I have designed these to be inclusive, integrating a message in braille and large type with a simple but meaningful tactile illustration in brightly contrasting colours. Braille readers, family and friends can all enjoy using these unique stickers. Children can have fun exploring the tactile illustrations and practise their literacy skills.

Braille with tactile illustrations

  • Christmas Stickers 05

    Detail: ‘Let it Snow!’

  • Christmas Stickers 06

    ‘Happy New Year!’ sticker.

  • Christmas Stickers 07

    Detail: ‘Merry Christmas’ sticker.

Tactile Christmas stickers for curious fingers

  • Season’s Greetings (purple background with holly in green and red)
  • Happy New Year! (green background with yellow and red bells)
  • Happy Christmas (purple background with orange and yellow star)
  • Merry Christmas (pink background, Christmas tree with yellow star)
  • Happy Christmas (navy background with pink present and yellow bow)
  • Let it Snow! (pale blue background with pink and white snowman)
Christmas Stickers 03

How to order

These stickers have recently been been launched by the Royal National Institute for the Blind in the UK and can be purchased via the RNIB webshop.

Each A4 sheet contains 6 different designs, printed in full colour and embossed. The diameter of each sticker is approx. 8 cm and the braille is Grade 1 UEB, using capitals and punctuation.

For general inquiries or purchases outside the UK please contact me at ann@brailledots.nl.


Ann M. Conefrey
Ann M. Conefrey

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